Who Are We

Who We Are

Likers of Things (LoT) is your ultimate social and lifestyle guide to Africa. We are an experiential platform that showcases various adventures across the African continent. These include, but are not limited to: events, lifestyle and travel content. Whether you seek the comfort of the familiar or adventure and variety, we provide the platform for you to wholly embrace our slogan of “Live. Life. Doing.”

LoT prides itself on offering a buffet of entertainment and social lifestyle experiences in Africa through authentic and value driven campaigns, experience packages and content. In essence, LoT is a social experience hub that leaves you with no choice but to make the most of your week – irrespective of where you are on the continent!

What We Do

What We Do

We share what is happening, what to like and where to go all around you. We also cover things to do, see, play, watch or just be at! The aim is to constantly have fun and find new ways and activities to be social!

LoT aims to challenge the covert and often exclusive nature of events awareness by showcasing a large variety of potential experiences; especially those that are less common and often on the periphery of marketing communications.

LoT provides a host of services including promotion and advertising, pre, live and post coverage, as well as reviews and posts of upcoming events, lifestyle and travel elements. Furthermore, LoT allows for owners, organisers and promoters to share their brand information, increase their audience and, when all is said and done, up their foot traffic.


To actively promote events, lifestyle and travel experiences within the African continent

To create a positive and complementary image of the African continent through quality content and reviews.

To impact and increase social activity in Africa by uplifting communities and promoting untapped markets



To be the leading social content and experience platform in Africa


How We Do

LoT is sub-categorized into the following themes:

Events: Festivals, Concerts, Launches, Shows, Talks, Seminars

Lifestyle: Food & Drinks, Products & Brands, TV & Movies, Theatre & Shows, Books & Art, Fashion & Beauty, Activities, Things to LIKE

Travel: Tours, Destinations, Travel Elements & Experiences

Why Work With Likers of Things

Over the past four years, we have developed a genuine relationship with our audience based on a mutual love of Liking Things. Our content has a very strong emphasis on quality coverage and promotion of events and social lifestyle activities. LoT only highlights and promotes items that are relevant and beneficial to our audiences and communities.

We believe in collaborating with brands that trust our approach of translating their brand essence into a message that will appeal and resonate with audiences. We believe readers want content over advertising. This is why we offer the service of creating unique content that we know our readers will love, as well as hosting this content on a platform that they trust and frequently visit.

We Like Things and want to Like Things with you and your brand. We are fully open to blog advertisements, reviews, event promotion and coverage as well as content management through photography and videography. We also pride ourselves on keeping our minds open to alternative opportunities for collaboration.


We offer the following services, along with sponsored posts, competitions as well as media and brand partnerships and collaborations.

Event Consulting

Digital Promotion

Photography & Videography

Social Media Management, Monitoring & Marketing

Blog & Website Coverage

Media Relations & Influencer Liaison

Press Releases

Media Partnerships

Experience Packages

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Download our media kit and prices below for more information: