BULLiSH. A New Local Craft Beer.

By SK | 4 December 2017

There is a new bull in town. It is bold, distinct and ready for the festive season and beyond. Hello, BULLiSH craft beer.

“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.” ~ Billy Carter

Beer, according to South African Wine Industry Information & Systems (Sawis), South African consume more than 4 billion litres of alcohol with more than 70% of consumption being beer. That’s a whole lot of beer ya’ll! With the South African craft beer industry developing rapidly and national pride in local beer fast becoming a trend, it’s no surprise that BULLiSH has muscled its way into this market with finesse.

A few weeks back we lavishly lived up to being bullish at the trendy Rockets Lolita’s in Bryanston as we launched BULLiSH, South Africa’s new bold and locally owned and produce craft beer.

BULLiSH craft beer is produced by master brewers, entrenched in its exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship in producing the most amazing craft beer to come from this beautiful continent. The beer comes in four bold favours categorised as Pale Ale and Pilsner.

Perfect timing for the festive season and a great gift to beer lover across the world. For more information on how to order or where you can get your bullish experience across the country visit www.bullishcafrtbeer.co.za or keep it social on their handles below:

Facebook: Bullish Craft Beer

Twitter: @bullish_beer

Instagram: @bullishcraftbeer



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