Castle Lite Ice Bar

By SK | 10 November 2017

The coolest beer brand unlocks the first coldest bar in Africa this summer.

Nothing less than extraordinary to be expected from one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes experience.  Castle Lite is known for their iconic concerts, extra cold campaigns and of course the beverage of choice. As we head full on into summer vibes, they have made cooling down so cool, you’ll need a jacket or three!

Castle Lite has collaborated with KultureKollective, to create an Extra Cold city as they upgrade our summer! A few weeks back, a few of us Likers of Things, cool kids and guests got to experience the much-anticipated launch which was an interactive showcase of the latest in music, fashion and sneaker spaces. Fans of the kulture and all things trendy, took advantage of the exclusive pieces while engaging with the coldest bar in Africa – #CASTLELITEICEBAR.

The Castle Lite Ice Bar is a pop-up bar designed for the ultimate summer experience. Walk into an igloo of cool from the design, to the layout and of course the bar. There are more than a hundred crazy ways to cool down in the heat but nothing like actually walking into an ice bar and sipping an ice cold beer. Crazy? PERFECT!

The Details:

Dates: TBC

Durban – November

Cape Town – December

Venu: TBC

Tickets:  FREE OF CHARGE. Arrive early to book your spot.

What To Expect:

An iconic Ice Bar

The coolest of cool in street culture

Music space

Fashion space

Sneaker space

October the 27th and 28th saw Johannesburg keep the chill at the Zoo Lake Bowling Club and the good news is that Castle Lite will be bringing this experience to Durban and Cape Town over the next two months so keep it locked to their social pages below for more information or visit

Facebook: Castle Lite

Twitter: @castlelitesa

Instagram: @castlelitesa



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