10 Foodie Apps Recommended By South African Chefs Association

17 April 2018

There a million and more reasons to love food. Whether you make it, eat it or just take the best Instagram pictures… we understand. Living in the digital world where everything is at the command of our fingertips, with food today as one of the hottest social currency, mobile apps are helping to make eating, cooking and enjoying food easier than ever before.

South Africans are always pressured for time and are always on the search for ways to do things better, faster, and easier. Especially when it concerns, cooking, meal preps or just shopping. Whether you are an avid cook or just looking for some helpful advice, Stephen Billingham, President of the South African Chefs Association recommends these top 10 foodie apps to help you save time and money.

 “These are some of my favourite apps because they help save time, they offer great ideas, and they keep cooks up to date with seasonal ingredients and how to store them.”

Ten Recommended Foodie Apps

The South African Food Recipe App

Gone are the days of writing a list of ingredients before hitting the grocery store. Thanks to the South African Food Recipe App, you can do away with cookbooks and access the ingredients and recipes while doing your shop, basing your menu on what is in season or on special. The app boasts hundreds of recipes and provides users with easy ways to cook.

The Kitchen Calculator Converter

No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, everybody needs this app. The recipe converter helps you to convert between the most common measuring units used in cooking and baking. It allows you to scale recipes up (or down) to change the number of servings the recipe yields.

The BraaiNation app

This is a must-have for every South African! The innovative app effectively transforms your Apple or Android into the much anticipated BraaiPhone. You can now master the art of braaiing anything from delicious lamb chops to crispy braai bread simply by following the tips and recipes on your phone. Even better, you no longer need to keep a constant eye on your meat – the nifty Braaiphone timer allows you to fetch a beer and socialise without compromising on the taste of your meal.

RShopping List

This grocery list app notifies you every time you are near a store registered on the shopping list that you’ve noted contains items you need. The location search is powered by Google Maps, so you don’t even need to manually key in the address. The labels on the app allow you to categorise your products while specifying the quantity and assigns priority level for hassle-free shopping.


Planning has never been easier. MealBoard helps you streamline planning and shopping by helping you to plan meals, create your shopping list and track items in your pantry. You can simply import recipes and add them to your weekly calendar, making your life that much easier.

Clean and green

Eating clean is easy when you have a plan. This app provides you with clean recipes that emphasise green food. For added convenience, each recipe comes with nutritional information.


With over 230 000 recipes and a vibrant community of cooking enthusiasts, Allthecooks is perfect for those who love cooking and sharing ideas. Categories include children’s recipes, healthy eating, mains, desserts, baking, drinks, sides, soups, stews, pasta dishes and so much more. Simply scan through recipes according to the ingredients you have on hand and get cooking.


This app is perfect for the cook that has lots on the go. What sets it apart from your phone timer is that it lets you keep and manage time separately for every burner on your stove and oven. No need to worry about overcooking, undercooking or burning your food.


Need to brush up your culinary skills? SideChef makes learning to cook fun and simple for any skill level by giving you step-by-step instructions, photos and voice commands. This app gives any beginner the confidence to step into the kitchen while allowing the intermediate and advanced cook to hone in on their existing cooking skills.


An easy way to keep your food safe. The app provides users with valuable advice on storing foods and beverages to maximize freshness and minimize food waste. It empowers consumers to select methods to extend shelf life and keep items fresher for longer.

Whether you’re a master chef in the making, mom on the go, or a bachelor who loves to braai, clever foodie apps assist in planning, shopping, preparation, and food storage, making meal times all the more enjoyable!

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