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Coffee is the fuel that fires South Africans on a daily basis. No matter how you like it, enjoying a cup of coffee is a moment we all look forward to and is often a game-changer for our productivity and sense of satisfaction throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but the cups of coffee that form my daily ritual are the perfect respite that I need to centre myself.

As such, I’m pretty picky about the coffees that define my daily caffeine moment. When Nespresso invited me to try out their brand new Master Origin collection, I was excited to taste a range of new coffees to add to my repertoire.

These coffees hail from five of the richest coffee-sourcing regions on this earth: Nicaragua, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, and India. What makes these coffees distinct and special is the carefully considered craft and process behind each of these perfect brews. For instance, in Ethiopia, the coffee beans had a meticulous raking every hour by hand to ensure even drying throughout the batches. Over in Sumatra, Indonesia, farmers used a traditional and uniquely local wet-hulling method, whilst in Nicaragua, a sweet approach was taken, using the ‘black honey’ method which involves leaving the coffee bean in its natural fruit layer whilst it is drying to allow it to soak up the natural sugars. The taste sensations that each of these coffees demonstrates are painstakingly processed by master craftsmen, who commit their lives to make the perfect cup of coffee.

As a routine coffee drinker, I shy away from anything too intense as I can’t deal with too much of a buzz, so I really enjoyed the Master Origin Nicaragua. I found this to be a sweet, balanced and harmonious coffee that I could imagine myself sipping throughout the day with ease. As the coffee experts told me, this coffee is very versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. It is for this reason that J’Something, master craftsman himself, created a gin and tonic coffee to pay homage to Nicaragua. Yes, you read correctly: gin and tonic coffee. Don’t knock it before you try it: it is delicious.

We got the recipe for you and we definitely think it’s a featured drink at your summertime vibes.

Coffee G&T

Serves 1

You’ll Need:

2 capsules Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua, brewed

1 tsp honey

35 ml local Gin

Ice cubes

250 ml tonic water

Lemon peel, sliced, to garnish

The Process:

Brew Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua.

Add honey to coffee and stir; allow to cool.

Pour most of the coffee into ice cube trays, reserving 10ml.

Put ice tray in freezer and allow to freeze, and refrigerate reserved coffee to chill.

Place 2-3 coffee ice cubes in a glass.

Pour gin over ice cubes.

Add 10ml of chilled coffee and then top up with tonic water.

Add a long piece of lemon peel to garnish and serve.

For more details about the Nicaragua and others from the Nespresso range, visit za.buynespresso.com or keep it social on their handles below:

Facebook: Nespresso ZA

Twitter: @Nespresso

Instagram: @nespresso

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