The Health Food Emporium

2 October 2019

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to cost you your whole salary nor does it have to taste like stale kale. That’s exactly what Nadine Hardy Petzerand her all-women team at the Health Food Emporium have created for everyone. Yes, for you too!

Health. Its what we all strive for, what we aspire to have. Whether it is for medical reasons or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, health plays a vital role in our everyday lives. The state of our health all come down to what we put into our bodies.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Health Food Emporium in Northriding and all we can say is… bring on the health. Enter a serene, glimmering store that reminds you to think about what you eat, what is in your food and a variety of healthy alternatives you may have never thought of. The health emporium is the perfect place to start and maintain your health journey, exactly the way you want it to be.


The store is uber welcoming with modern touches of greenery. The self-service dispensary makes it simple and easy to access what you need with clear labels. Bring your own containers or buy from their beautiful collection of glass jars.

Come get our kombucha! A wide variation of kombucha to choose from and like I said, bring your own container and live happily ever healthy.

Get your Kefir for all those who struggle a little with dairy products or just a healthier alternative to your drinks (milk and water).

A wide range of Nutriseed products for your selection.

And of course, grab a bite or snack from their menu- from fresh raw juice and smoothies to soups, salads, and brownies. You have to try the chicken and chocolate balsamic wrap!


See full menu

I am sure by now you are probably thinking… ‘but the prices must be ridiculous‘. NOT. AT. ALL. You can choose your portions and hence maintain the price levels you want. Prices are well under the standard ‘this is healthy and should be inaccessible‘ prices.

The Details

Address: Northlands Deco Park, Newmarket Street, North Riding, Johannesburg 2194

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8 AM to 3 PM

Saturday 8 AM to 1 PM

Sundays – CLOSED

What you can expect: raw foods, range of seeds, vegetarian and vegan options, all the frees (gluten, sugar, wheat), lactose-free products, range of healthy drinks

The Health Food Emporium Likers of Things

As we get older it gets harder and harder to maintain healthy lifestyles with everything that goes on. Thank goodness for health spaces such as the Health Food Emporium to remind us that it is so simple. Visit and keep up to date with the store, events and their ranges on their social handles below:

Facebook: The Health Food Emporium SA

Instagram: @thehealthfoodem


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