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13 March 2018 | Sara Kapay

I personally hate frozen foods. Opening with such a bold statement as I’m about to shock you tastefully with this product.

The packaging is always so tantalizing and you think, “woooo no cooking tonight”!I’ll just pop these in the oven AND VOILA! And with all the dissatisfaction it’s either tasteless, watery or just what am I eating honestly from all the chemicals you can’t spell nor pronounce.

There is food everywhere. Good food, in fact, can be bought online, your favorite restaurant or made to order. However, budgets and the current South African economy does not necessarily allow you this luxury. Enter ready to eat and frozen foods. Off the shelf and into your home. Yes, bitch I’m a chef!

Hello, Frozen For You!

Let’s take it back to 1924, where the history of frozen food can be credited to Clarence Birdseye who invented the quick freezing method. Fast forward 27 February 2018 and never in my life have I EVER tasted frozen packaged food this amazing. Perfectly presented and served as if it was freshly made in Gordan Ramsey’s kitchen. That’s just it… it was FRESHLY made. Imagine biting into a succulent steak with mash potatoes and peas? Or a friendly mac and cheese just like your grandmother made it? Or even freshly baked bread!

Famously known for their lavish events and even greater catering, By Word Of Mouth launches ‘Frozen for You’ homestyle meals. A Convenient new offering that delivers high-quality meals to the kitchens of time-poor South Africans. Officially launched on the 1st of March 2018, this exciting new extension by the pioneering catering company will appeal to busy South Africans who want to enjoy a wholesome home-cooked meal in the comfort of their home, minus the drama of preparation.

Frozen for You was developed for our clients as they navigate their busy day-to-day lives – ensuring they have quality meals using the best local produce and ingredients, readily available to them when they need it most,” ~ Karen Short.


I have so many reasons to boast about By Word Of Mouth’s frozen range but I’ll let the facts talk:

– Total convenience via their user-friendly mobile site and online delivery service (you don’t even have to leave your house)

– PRESERVATIVE FREE  – that means no funny powders, additions or artificial flavours you cant pronounce!

– No need for extra dishes (because ya’ll know washing dishes is no fun). Simply heat from frozen in its tray or container. Alternatively, for a more special occasion, one can defrost a meal and heat and serve as a favorite oven-proof dish.

– Anytime. Anywhere. Any- Why Not! Take your Frozen For You meals on holidays, Master Chef it up for guests, or just spoil yourself!

– No more time-consuming meals. Can we get an AMEN for ready to eat gourmet?

“Our meals are ‘frozen fresh’ – immediately after they have been assembled. Unlike refrigerated ready-to-heat meals, our dishes don’t require added preservatives enabling them to stand in a fridge for days at a time. Nature’s pause button ensures that the nutrient value and quality of our meals remain at their peak from the day of freezing,”

The Details

Where To Buy:

Available from Shop 54 Dainfern Square, Fourways, Johannesburg

Via delivery (to certain areas in JHB) from

Arriving Soon:  Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban

Price Range: From R48 – R200

Whether you take my word for it or not, it’s definitely worth the try. Click. Click.  Proceed to checkout. I have placed my order you know I had to get some of that butter chicken curry and mac and cheese!

We definitely encourage all our readers and Likers to visit for the full range of foods to order and keep it social on their handles below:

Facebook: By Word Of Mouth

Twitter: @ByWordofMouth1

Instagram: @bywordofmouthsa


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