RMB WineX 2017: Our Picks For This Summer

By SK & LT | 7 November 2017

Another successful year of our favourite lifestyle event and we have no complaints except…more wine, please. We have grown in knowledge since our first appearance at the annual WineX so this year we have decided to share our top wine picks to be gulping through the summer heat.

We anticipated the 25th of October like our lives depended on it…well our palates certainly did. Three years into our wine journey with WineX we can officially call ourselves amateur sommeliers and professional wine consumers. The 2017 edition of WineX was nothing short of extraordinary.

First off, we must commend the organisers for the incredible layout as compared to previous years. The groupings worked well and they allowed sufficient space through the walkways as well as not to even think about skipping a section.

Secondly, it is always great to see new names, flavours and international wines we would not normally be exposed to …especially here in Johannesburg. A well-balanced variety of novel wines was available for tastes and of course to be taken home.

And lastly, as we were true wine nerds this year by ticking off and writing our selections, here are our top summer wines we think your wine cellars and shopping lists deserve. We focused on light, fresh, fruity, crisp, semi-sweet wines. Of course, there is champagne involved! Brut or Rose, we think you will enjoy these (in no particular order or preference):

Avondale Wine – Camissa

Boschendal – Chardonnay Pinot Noir

De Wetshof Estate – Limestone Hill Chardonnay

Diemarsdal Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2017

Fleur de Cap – Noble Late Harvest

Jordan Wines – Real McCoy Reisling

Krone – The Phonex NV

Thelema Mountain Vineyards – Sutherland Grenache Rose 2017

Valdo Prosecco – Floral Edition

Valdo Prosecco – Oro Puro

Villiera Wines – Monro Brut 2010

Ken Forrester Vineyards – Renegade 2013

Frescobaldi Toscana – Alie Rose 2015

Nederburg – Vintage 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

Pongracz – Desiderius

Sip Sip Hooray! Visit www.winex.co.za for the complete exhibitors and wine list or keep it social on their handles below:

Facebook: RMB WineX

Twitter: @RMBWinex




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